7 Reasons Why You Fear Visiting The Dentist

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A visit to the dentist is one of the things that people fear most, although dental visits are key to dental health. It is important to be aware of what is preventing you visit your dentist and skip your dental appointments so that you can start overcoming your dental anxiety.

Do you fear that you will receive bad news about your dental health? Do you fear dentists because of painful past experiences? Whatever your reasons, you are not alone since many people skip dental visits. However, about 65 percent of people still visit dentists regularly in America.

Failing to visit the dentist is not only unfortunate, but also dangerous, since dental visits are critical to your overall dental health. Teeth take on a lot of abuse and dental visits provide the ideal opportunity to assess any changes that can be addressed easily.

If dental problems are caught early on, solutions are usually quick, easy, and inexpensive. However, problems that are left undiagnosed can grow into bigger problems that require more expensive and extensive treatments.

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Why Do People Fear Visiting the Dentist?

1. Cost

High costs are one of the main factors that prevent people from getting dental checkups regularly. A lack of dental insurance is one of the main reasons why people don’t visit the dentist according to a recent study. However, the reality is that dental visits won’t cost a lot of money if you take proper care of your mouth and teeth. Simple additions to your routine such as rinsing your mouth with therapeutic mouthwash and flossing regularly help keep your mouth healthy.

2. Anxiety

People are generally afraid to visit the dentist’s office, but there are several things you can do to minimize this anxiety. One of the most effective ways to have a positive experience is to talk to the dentist about your fear or even listening to pleasant music that provides a positive and soothing environment like a spa. The best way to develop a positive dental experience is only through communication.

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3. Fear of Requiring Dental Work

For most people, the actual cleaning is not what they fear, but rather hearing bad news about their dental problems. Denial and avoidance tend to be very strong human emotions, which can be a powerful motivation for people not to visit the dentist as regularly as they should.

4. Fear of Instruments

People usually fear hearing bad news about their dental health because they fear that treatment might be a frightening or painful procedure that involves scary dental instruments. Fortunately, this is hardly ever the case today. Dental care has made many new advances including the introduction of lasers, which does not require Novocain. The drills used today are also highly advanced that there is only minimal discomfort or noise.

5. Bad Memories

Even the advanced dental techniques used today are not enough to get rid of bad memories from dental visits of past years. People usually fear dentists because they were told not to be afraid of dentists when they were children. However, this only served to instill the fear that has lasted a long time. Today, dental visits are very different with many dentists actually offering TVs, music, and advanced procedures that help erase any bad memories.

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6. Being Lazy or Busy

People sometimes have a lot going on in their lives or simply don’t want to make the effort to visit the dentist. Humans are creatures of habit and if you don’t build dental visits into your routine, they will become some of the things that you always tell yourself that you will get around to doing. After skipping an appointment or two, it becomes more of a habit. It is the reason why dental offices work very hard to remind people about their appointments.

7. Fear of Lecturing

Nobody ever likes being lectured about dental health. If you have been neglecting your flossing or even brushing, you might fear that the lecture will soon be coming. Dentists recognize this fact and will hardly ever reprimand or lecture their patients. Such comments are counterproductive since the patient’s discomfort is enough of a reprimand. However, the fear of a lecture is a thought that crosses the minds of many patients. In many cases, it is due to the guilt since they know better and just want to hear any more about it.

The Bottom Line

People often fear visiting dentists for varied reasons as shown here. If you are a person that fears visiting the dentist, the best way to address your reasons for this is to voice them to him or her. Give your dentist the opportunity to provide reassurance so that you can get back on course for good oral health. It will be the best decision that you ever make not only for your oral health but also your overall health too.